Cerebral Palsy Students

Assistive Technology in form of a computer helps cerebral palsy students to use the latest available hardware and software technology. A Cerebral Palsy Skills Training Centre will be established and it will be registered with the Technical Education, Training and Entrepreneurship Training Authority (TEVETA) so that the qualifications which will be obtained from the centre are officially recognised.

• Students will learn different types of computer skills which will be tailored to their needs.

After evaluation of a student, basic courses will be offered in the following:

• Keyboarding Skills:

• Access to Computers:

• Skills for the Internet

• Spelling and Writing Skills

At the end of the basic course, the student can specialize in the following:

• Entrepreneurship and internet marketing. To be able to advertise using internet and be able to design websites.

• Those with talking difficulties to transfer text to speech. The document saved can be read by the computer on behalf of the cerebral palsy student.

• For those who are blind and deaf, computer reading skills of typed text.

• Computer design applications for wedding cards, party cards, Christmas cards.

• Recording processes such as Compact Disc (CD), Digital Versatile Disk (DVD) and audios.

The centre will provide skills training and the students will acquire life skills for independent living. After training the students will under go examinations and on passing they will be awarded certificates. The certificates will be approved by TEVETA. Armed with these certificates the graduates will be on the job market. Some lobbying through the Cerebral Palsy Association of Zambia will be done to secure employment for these graduates.

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