Cerebral Palsy Myths

It is important to establish facts before talking about cerebral palsy myths. The facts show that, it is cerebral palsy is a condition and not a disease.

One the causes of the condition is lack of oxygen to the brain of the baby during pregnancy or at birth. This affects motor development and leads to complications of poor coordination of the brain and the limbs and consequently to disabilities. The severity of the disabilities depends on the extent of the damage to the brain.

Now that we are armed with some facts, we may go into the myths. Some people think that cerebral palsy is a disease and that it is infectious. II want to categorically state that cerebra l palsy does not disappear, it is a permanent condition and. The fact is that this is not true.

Some people believe that cerebral palsy can disappear with age. I wish this was true because, I will be very happy to see my daughter free from cerebral palsy. The fact is that the condition is permanent and the individual has to live with the condition for the rest of the life.

There is another myth that all children with cerebral palsy have low intelligence. This is not true because my own daughter is very intelligent and she is determined to excel in her academic work.

The last school results by the class teacher stated that her response in class is encouraging and she is determined and she has a fighting spirit. That is my daughter and I am very proud of this kind of statement from the teacher.

Another myth is that a person with cerebral palsy cannot lead an independent life. This not true, because getting to independent living is a journey. This journey can be short or long. One has to be patient and to continue working on the physiotherapy and other treatments and eventually the person with cerebral palsy may get there. The idea is not give up but to soldier on until someone attains the independence of living on their own.

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