Cerebral Palsy

This is a cerebral palsy website and it is about our experience with our daughter Christabel, she is unable to walk and she uses a wheel chair. She manages to do most of the day to day things on her own.

The cerebral palsy website is presented by the father with the help of the mother and the girl herself. The disability for Christabel started many years ago when she was born on 16 December, 1989.

The girl is a practicing christian, determined and strong willed to live a better life. Christabel's goal is to walk and she is confident that one day she will walk. Christabel's stance is important because belief in god makes one complete or whole in the eyes of the creator. As a family we are all believers and we put our faith in Jesus Christ and that one day our daughter will walk or if she does not walk she will lead good quality and independent life. Presently, she enjoys reasonably good life.

Christabel's condition is disability adjusted because she is able to do a number of things on her own in spite of her disabilities.

CP is a term for a condition that lead to physical impairment in a child when it is growing up. It is an impairment which is not progressive, which means that the condition does not deteriorate, but other additional impairments may occur. Cure for this condition is not available. As parents with a child with CP we are left with limited options since there is no cure. The main option is to manage or to cope with the condition.

Our child undergoes regular physiotherapy treatment and exercises. We are fortunate in that the child does not require any medications at all.

Christabel has spastic CP which affects the whole body and it is a long term disability. She has uncontrollable shaking that affects the limbs on one side of the body and impairs normal movement.

Over the years she is has been trained and she is able to do some personal and household chores without any assistance. She is learning to stand and she is scoring some successes. Christabel is involved in brain gym, speech therapy, physiotherapy, a stint on horse riding, attending special education school or what we may term as disability education, going to church and participating in church activities.

All these have helped Christabel to get disability adjusted to her condition and fit well in the family and society. The experience gained with managing Christabel's disability has made me confident that I can help other parents or guardians to cope with a child with disabilities. Even persons with disabilities can also learn from my experience.

Providing you with the basic information about cerebral palsy is a good starting point but the site does not stop there. At disability adjusted website we recognize that when suffering from this impairment you want more than just basic level information about the condition.

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People also want to know about the experts in the field, the medical institutions that are conducting research, the experience from clinical trials and the organizations and support groups that can help them to better cope with the condition. This site will collaborate with experts and organizations in the field of cerebral palsy.

The information presented here comes from our experience with our daughter with this condition. Although my wife is a registered nurse and midwife, we are not representing ourselves as medical experts providing treatment to children with this condition. We are providing our experiences with managing a child with this condition and we feel that you may learn from us, on some of our successes and mistakes. You should consult your family doctor or medical advisors to decide what is suitable for your child.

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Cerebral Palsy Types
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Cerebral Palsy
Christabel was born one month before the expected date of delivery. She had severe jaundice soon after birth which led to other complications which led to cerebral palsy.
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Coping with cerebral palsy is a challenge in a family.
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Incidence of cerebral palsy is difficult to find in most developing countries because it this is not captured in the population census or any other surveys.
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Daily life with Cerebral Palsy
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Cerebral palsy is a disability which is long term impairment. The goal of treatment is to help the child to be as independent as possible.
Developmental Disability
This is a story about Christabel on her developmental disability. Christabel appeared to be growing physically alright but her developmental milestones between the age 0-5 years were delayed.
Disability Awareness
Disability awareness should start within a family. Christabel lives with the parents and the other sister and three brothers.
Disability Discrimination
Disability discrimination in simple terms is a situation whereby a person with impairment is not equally treated on accord of his/her condition.
Disability Education
Disability education is special learning for people with impairments. Emphasis is on one to one relationship between the teacher and the pupil.
Disability Services
Disability Services is provision of facilities and access to public infrastructure for persons with disabilities.
Disability Rights Movement
Disability Rights Movement started in the 1960s in the United States of America. The rights movement played an important role in the well being of people with disabilities.
Some disabilities require use of a wheelchair especially if it affects the legs and one is unable to walk.
Teaching Children with Cerebral Palsy
Teaching children with cerebral palsy is a very challenging and interesting experience for a family.
Home Schooling
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Maternal Health
This article is about maternal health and cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is the last thing any parent would ever like his or her child to be diagnosed with.
Development Milestones
Development Milestones are important and children who depart from them may be classified as persons with developmental disability.
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